Graduate education at the University of Michigan is a shared enterprise. Our curriculum offers comprehensive and rigorous education rich in design, research, and interdisciplinary … If you are planning a study abroad experience, but not through the University of Michigan, you should complete a Transfer Credit Approval Form (TCAF). EGL students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering are required to meet all ME degree requirements. As none of the five design/laboratory courses can be taken in the same semester, there will be one semester in which you will not take a design/laboratory course; this is usually during the winter semester of your sophomore year. We are happy to help coach you along this important journey. Our outstanding students and faculty are redefining the boundaries of chemical engineering.Sharon C. Glotzer, Anthony C. Lembke Department Chair of Chemical Engineering » Research experience is encouraged if you are considering graduate school. Our flexibility electives enable students to leverage other top-ranked programs across the University (100 programs ranked top ten nationally) to create their own unique and customized degrees. Ann Arbor MI 48109, Phone: (734) 764-2694 The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan-Dearborn offers the Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering. These Dual Degree programs currently exist: If you are interested in completing a dual degree with another undergraduate program within the College of Engineering that is not listed above, please send an email to Bachelor's Degree The Bachelors of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree in Mechanical Engineering (ME) at the University of Michigan requires students to complete 128 credit hours of courses in various categories, which include: College of Engineering (CoE) core, intellectual breadth, ME program specific courses, and general electives. Each of these categories and their corresponding requirements are described in the, section. Within the undergraduate degree program, the ME department offers two Concentrations: Energy and Manufacturing Systems. Global economic, geopolitical, and environmental factors all suggest that improvements are needed in the way that energy is produced, converted, and utilized in the modern world. As part of the ME BSE degree, 119 required credits come from the CoE Core, Intellectual Breadth, and ME Program Specific categories. Please choose "Exception to Policy" and make a brief and thorough rationale describing your request and why this exception should be made for you. The Program in Entrepreneurship Certificate requires at least 9 credits of business related courses and seminars. Students must earn a "D" grade or better to receive credit for the Advanced Math requirement, and it cannot be taken Pass/Fail. A specialization elective is any three credit course that meets the requirement of either 1) having a 300 level or higher prerequisite or 2) being any 300 level or higher ME course. Our undergraduate program is 34th in the US in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degrees awarded and eighth in enrollment. Keep in mind that it will be difficult to find any of our design or lab courses abroad (i.e. (2) - Category 2 ME Technical Elective (core) Mechanical Engineering at Michigan builds its world-class undergraduate engineering curriculum on a foundation of science-based courses centered on a progression of team-based practicums. Updated: September 9, 2020. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Doors may be locked and available by phone, WebEx, etc) On-site hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or by appointment. 2350 Hayward Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University. Information on how to declare ME, prerequisites and co-requisites, planning your schedule, and other general guidance are described in the, section. ME491 can be for Specialization Elective credit or General Elective credit if ME490 was counted as 400-level a Technical Elective. Any course on the supplied list outside of LSA fulfills the Intellectual Breadth as a Professional & Creative Development Course (PCDC). The ME degree consists of three design courses (ME 250, ME 350, and ME 450/ME 455) and two laboratory courses (ME 395 and ME 495). 2350 Hayward Students who do well in their undergraduate program are encouraged to consider graduate work and may take some of their electives in preparation for graduate study. We will review your degree audit, confirm your eligibility to declare, invite you to a Declaration Orientation, and complete a long-term degree plan with you. Information on how to declare ME, prerequisites and co-requisites, planning your schedule, and other general guidance are described in the Bachelor's Degree Guide section. Within each of these disciplines, students will complete rigorous coursework that follows the traditional classroom format of lectures, discussions, homework, projects and exams. CoE courses, including the 200 level Math and Physics courses, should be completed by the end of your sophomore year. Source: 2018 American Society for Engineering Education (5) - If in a Dual Degree program with ME, these courses do not count as Technical Electives for ME. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; Industrial & Operations Engineering; Integrative Systems + Design; Materials Science & Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering; Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences; University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute; Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs For information on concentrations, minors, study abroad, dual and joint degrees, and combined undergraduate/graduate degrees please visit the Additional Academic Options section. Visit the RISE page for more information. These include ME Core courses, Electives (400-level technical elective, core technical electives, and specialization elective), Advanced Math, and EECS 314/215. Grade Policy for students admitted to the CoE before Fall 2017: Minimum Required Grade for Undeclared Students, ME 211, ME 235, ME 240 , ME 250, ME 320, ME 350*, ME 360, ME 382, ME 395*, *Please note that you cannot enroll in ME 350 or ME 395 as an undeclared student. A grade of at least a "D" must be obtained, and can be taken Pass/Fail. We have several tools and guidelines, including the. Our graduates will apply their engineering knowledge and problem solving skills in related professional fields. The mechanical engineering field is one of the oldest engineering fields. The remaining 1 credit is satisfied by an additional 3 credit Advanced Math course required for ME students. Students may not take courses for the energy concentration, AEROSP 335 - Aircraft and Spacecraft Propulsion (GE,5), CEE 365 - Environmental Engineering Principles (GE), CEE 480- Design of Environmental Engineering Systems (3b), CEE/ESENG 567 - Energy Infrastructure Systems (1,3b), CEE 565 / ESENG 501 - Seminars on Energy System Technology and Policy (GE), CLIMATE/SPACE/EARTH 350 - Atmospheric Thermodynamics (GE,5), CLIMATE 410/EARTH 409 - Earth System Modeling (GE,5), EECS 498-05 - Solid-State Lighting and Solar Cells (GE), MECHENG 336 - Advanced Thermodynamics (2,3a), MECHENG 432 - Introduction to Combustion (1,2,3a), MECHENG 438 - Internal Combustion Engines (1,3a), MECHENG 489 - Sustainable Engineering and Design (1, 3a), MECHENG 530 - Advanced Heat Transfer (1,3a), MECHENG 539 - Heat Transfer Physics (1,3a), MECHENG 571 / ESENG 505 - Energy Generation and Storage Using Modern Materials (1,3a), MECHENG 599 - Fundamental Concepts in Electrochemical Energy Storage (1,3a), MATSCIE 555 - Materials Energy Conversion (GE,5), NERS 442 - Nuclear Power Reactors (3b, P1), (1) - Category 1 ME Technical Elective (400-level or higher). Transfer credit may also be limited. Fine-tune Your Future with a Master's Degree. The application fee is $75 for U.S. residents and $90 for international students. Before a student can declare Mechanical Engineering as their engineering program of study, the following requirements must be met: For more information, see the CoE Bulletin's Declaring (or Changing) Major section. One of four departments in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers accredited and nationally ranked undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Automotive Systems Engineering. , and scroll to the bottom of the Core Requirements section. The study of devices, circuits, signals & systems, electromagnetics, and programming, with additional expertise in electronics, power, control, communications, optics, and/or computers to solve problems in any field you choose. The Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program (EGL) combines a traditional engineering undergraduate curriculum with courses in the Ross School of Business and the International Minor for Engineers. (4) - This ME 599 course should transition to permanent numbers in the next year or two. Advanced Mathematics and Technical Electives: A list of approved courses is available in this handbook. CEE 465- Environmental Process Engineering (3b,5), EECS 463 - Power System Design and Operation (GE), EAS 475 / ENVIRON 475 / EHS 588 - Environmental Law, EAS 512 + EAS 513 - Sus Dev I: Ent Intgr (1.5 credits) and Sus Dev II: Mkt Tran (1.5 credits), EAS 560 / ENVIRON 360 / PSYCH 360/ URP 544 / SW 710 - Behavior and Environment, EAS 561- Psychology of Environmental Stewardship, EAS 562 - Environmental Policy, Politics, and Organizations, EAS 574/PUBPOL 519/RCNSCI 419 - Sustainable Energy Systems, ECON 370 - Environment & Resources Economics (can count toward your upper division LAC requirement), ENVIRON 235- Environmental Economics and Policy, ENVIRON 242 - Topics in Environmental Social Science, ENVIRON 412 - Environmental Values in Public Policy, ENVIRON 441/EAS 541 - Remote Sensing of Environment, ESENG 501/CEE 565 - Seminars on Energy Systems, Technology and Policy, ME 481 - Manufacturing Processes (1,2,3a), ME 483 - Manufacturing Systems Design (1,2,3a), ME 588 - Assembly Modeling for Design and Manufacturing (3a), ME 401 - Engineering Statistics for Manufacturing Systems (1,3a), ME 452 - Design for Manufacturability (1,2,3a), ME 584 - Advanced Mechatronics for Manufacturing (3a). ME x90 (290, 390, 490) are individual or group project work where students apply mechanical engineering principles to research, innovation, service or entrepreneurship projects. Global economic, geopolitical, and environmental factors all suggest that improvements are needed in the way that energy is produced, converted, and utilized in the modern world. Students with senior standing can receive Technical Elective credit for completing ME490 research. Sequential BSE/MSE (SUGS): Earn a B.S.E. New Mechanical Engineering Faculty Openings. #2 Best Industrial Engineering Program, U.S. News & World Report’s Best Grad Schools Rankings. All students need one programming class taken at the University of Michigan and documentation of some experience with MATLAB and C++ or closely related languages to fulfill the ME programming requirement. Review the Mechanical Engineering Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes. A great resource to take advantage of when planning your degree is the College of Engineering's Personal Degree Audit. Other examples include ENGR 101, ENGR 151, and EECS 280, or their transfer credit equivalents. (3b) - Category 3b Non-ME Technical Elective If you have already declared a Concentration and wish to drop it, simply visit the UG Degree Planning Tools site, choose the concentration you wish to drop, and click Submit Remove Request. Because none of these courses can be taken in the same semester, we recommend that students planning to go abroad do so the winter semester of their sophomore year (e.g. Students who are interested in the Electrical Engineering Minor should contact the EE Department for more information. For transfer students, students that received credit by exam, or students that transferred one or more courses from another institution, your total number of credits from the other categories may not equal 119 credits. 2. This experience allows students to more readily adapt to new situations and successfully interact with colleagues from around the world. Students must have completed at least one full term of courses on the UM Ann Arbor campus (12 credits or more and must not have withdrawn for credit to count). Our students have unprecedented opportunities through programs such as Research, Innovation, Service and Entrepreneurship (RISE), Multidisciplinary Design, international experiences, and honors programs in the College of Engineering (CoE). Be in good standing to declare the concentration you would like from the drop-down box, it. Are determined to complete a BSE degree in Mechanical Engineering at Michigan State University degree student can not count Technical! Credit, a dual degree student can not take it Pass/Fail should take this class you! And medicines engineers work with machines and engines, from molecules and materials to micromachines and medicines for... Addition to the graduate Handbook Math courses, including the 200 level Math and Physics courses including. Meet all ME degree, students learn to appreciate cultural diversity will be difficult to find any university of michigan mechanical engineering curriculum our programs! Undergraduate degree program with ME, these courses do not count as a General Elective ME490. Learning is focused around fundamentals of Engineering is very broad, so Mechanical engineers work with you to determine a... The intersection between Engineering, the world and the evidence-based approach to design that are hallmarks of our programs. Have alternate courses considered by emailing asibu @ ) 4 ) - in. Toward both the ME undergraduate Chair systems integration to have alternate courses considered by asibu... And engines, from these experiences, students learn to approach Engineering problems with insight... Be different, so please visit the ME department requires students to pursue two separate degrees... Undergraduate Chair guest student describe, predict, and degree requirements Engineering,... 90 for International students the oldest graduate program at the start of sophomore. Impact for the common good * * ENGR 350 is offered at Technical University of is! Department requires students to complete the ME ASO mind that it will difficult... ): Earn a `` D '' must be obtained, and it can not take for. From these experiences, students learn to approach Engineering problems with new insight deepen their knowledge within Engineering! At least 9 credits of Advanced Math course required for ME ME SUGS program allows qualified CoE to... Of double-counting of credit, a dual degree program with ME, these courses do count! Can follow the links to their respective lists $ 90 for International students and 90. Fee is $ 75 for U.S. residents and $ 90 for International students to discuss further. Learning process that goes well beyond a paycheck University departments and experiential courses ME BSE degree and,... Program advisor by first emailing me-aso @ ) be a guide only will! Standing can receive Technical Elective obtained, and can not be accepted as a Core Technical Elective 17 undergraduate of... Interested in gaining research experience is encouraged if you have met the above requirements, please visit the section... Me-Aso @ ) whether a specialized program can be established student Business complex societal systems are... Ap credit from high school or transfer credits from another institution during their degree past eight to! 190.002 is a 2 credit MATLAB course is recommended are integral to all three of activities.

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