The American persimmon has a number of common names. Picnic tables are available in a variety of beautiful styles for any backyard, patio, or deck. That property makes it a good choice for mallets and other striking tool handles as well. The wood has an interesting grain figure which sometimes includes stripes and roe figures. As a lumber, persimmon is a hardwood used for a number of recreation and specialty items. And while it is one of the strongest hardwoods available, suitable for use as a supporting beam, for example, it doesn't grow in dimensions suitable for that use. }); 'dimension4': 'Persimmon', Tried to post a reply but lost it. was once the wood of choice for golf clubs. New (Other) C $115.84. Persimmon Wood. Since it is a hardwood, it works well as flooring, although it is prone to shrinkage and therefore requires careful fitting. Persimmon fruit can be eaten fresh or dried. The persimmon tree is generally small to medium in size, which limits its uses. PHOTO. Wood dries fairly quickly, with some tendency to check, and also finishes well. Like the plant itself, the lumber version of persimmon has a number of aliases. New Listing 4 Old PERSIMMON Golf Clubs Woods Drivers ( Hickory Macgregor ) H&B Walter Hagen . Have something to say? American Persimmon is a native tree prized for both its fruit and lumber. Songs and stories abound about possums' great love of "simmons," as the tree was called. The flesh needs to be custard-like before it is palatable. Persimmon wood outer panels (and veneer) are used in certain types of period reprodution furniture of China, Korea and Japan. Gale Nash, owner of CMC Golf Co. in Gunnison, CO makes and sells golf clubs made of persimmon. '); For years, it was known as one of the best choices for wooden golf club heads. 'dimension3': 'undefined', Yet today, woods with persimmon heads have a loyal following on the links, even though they carry premium prices. Temukan (dan simpan!) Persimmon is also used to make shoe lasts, and some material is cut into veneer for furniture, cabinetry and paneling. From shop WorldWoodCraft. It works well with hand tool; however, to avoid splitting, it is necessary to bore starter holes when using screws. Experts recommend using sharp cutting surfaces. Jeff C. Chief. Donald Culross Peattie writes in the book A Natural History of Trees of Eastern and Central North America, that persimmon has the right mix of hardness, smoothness and non-warping qualities, making it ideal for shuttles for textile looms. It has excellent shock and wear resistance, but has a very high shrinkage rate, … When dried correctly, the wood can be used for all types of applications. Persimmon also has a list of colorful names. During the Civil War, Confederate soldiers boiled persimmon seeds to create a coffee substitute. [CDATA[//> Up until the end of the 20th century, one of the most common uses was in golf clubs. Persimmon lumber typically includes very wide sapwood, with a small core of black heartwood. But … "We do sell clubs made from persimmon, but it is more of a novelty and nostalgia item now," Nash said, referring to the growth in golf club technology. It also has been used to make parquet flooring. Persimmon wood..... Thread starter Jeff C. Start date Jul 10, 2015; Jul 10, 2015. Persimmon wood has a wide variety of uses. It can be used for fine art like woodturning, furniture and as veneer. I cut about a 4 foot piece off the main trunk and later found someone to tell me what it was because I didn't know – and it was persimmon. PRODUCT #AL1016. It was often used for pool and billiard cues. Jul 10, 2015 #1. The branches and leaves tend to droop in a slightly weeping fashion, making it a good ornamental tree for landscaping. com.realmagnet.MagnetLeads.visitPage(); Persimmon is the only American ebony and also one of the few woods with a sapwood that is used commercially along with its heartwood. Nash said it was a different story 25 years ago, when persimmon and other woods like walnut and hickory were used. A wide variety of persimmon wood for sale options are available to you, offers 800 persimmon wood for sale products. Height/Weight "We feature a putter and a club called the ginty, basically a trouble fairway club designed to get a player out of the rough. In different areas it is called simmon, sugar-plum, common persimmon, eastern persimmon,or possumwood. Persimmon had always been the favored wood for clubs," Nash said. The grain is generally even and fine, becoming more prominent with aging. //-->