At 0540 hrs, Charlie Company came under intense artillery and mortar shelling, and under the cover of this fire, about 350 Chinese attacked 9thplatoon. Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad has demanded that the Chamar regiment, formed during the World War 2, to be reinstated. One of the most prestigious infantry regiment of the Indian Army. The content of the articles is anachronistic with the trends in the modern army. The company was deployed at a height of 16,404 feet above sea level, and the main company position was defended by the 7th, 8th& 9th platoons. Closed in the afternoon. Naik Ram Singh, a wrestler, killed many Chinese soldiers with his bare hands before he was shot in the head. Take rest and treatment brother . They say that he fought like a man possessed, completely oblivious to his own safety. Today, America stands in disgrace. Supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump have stormed Capitol Hill in Washington DC. I have referred to the position of MoD on this issue. At the same time, the 75 percent Kumaon proportion is mentioned that it says is was in 1935, which here says 80, that too in 2020. Indian Army अगर "C Company" के Ahir भी 18 Nov 1962 को अपना मोर्चा छोड़ देते तो अक्साई चीन की तरह पंजाब के क्षेत्रफल … I have lived in Ahirwal region and and served with Ahir troops in 13 Kumaon which is the first Ahir Battalion of the Indian Army. 1. Wikipedia. And then there are stories of courage so overwhelming that it is almost impossible for the human soul to even comprehend that such men walked the face of this very earth. Two of the most celebrated soldiers of the Kumaon Regiment, General K.S. 2. There are both “mixed” and “fixed” class units like the Grenadiers or the Mahar Regiment. The Martyrs Of Rezang La Thursday, April 5, 2012 Veer Ahir Rezang La is a pass on the south-eastern approach to Chushul Valley in India. Gorkha Rifles 2 Gorkha Rifles is an infantry regiment. So much to know about warriors and history of Kumaon Regiment. News and opinion website that brings you reports and narrative from a perspective often ignored or suppressed by the mainstream media of India. Ltd. All rights reserved. On 18 November 1962, Major Shaitan Singh and men of Charlie Company, 13 Kumaon Regiment, forever passed into the mists of legend. The area assigned to 13 Kumaon was defended by three platoon positions, but the surrounding terrain isolated 13 Kumaon from the rest of the Regiment. It was led by Major Shaitan Singh. Whether you live in India or overseas, you can do it here. In The Hindu, media advisor to former PM Dr Manmohan Singh Harish Khare expresses his disdain for 'strong leadership', To claim that Chinese FDI into India has increased during Modi govt, Congress party used fake FDI numbers for both UPA and NDA govts, Anjali Birla is selected in the reserve list, which is prepared along with the main list from the civil services exam conducted by UPSC, While PM Modi had referred to Trump using 'Abki Baar Trump Sarkar' before 2016 elections, Alt News keeps claiming he endorsed Trump. The Kumaon Regiment, established at Ranikhet in 1813, still gets its recruits from the Kumaonis of the Kumaon division and the Ahir from the plains. NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma was referring to comments made by NCW member Chandramukhi Devi blaming victim of Badaun case. President’s Bodyguard, a unit of Army, are still selected from only three castes — Hindu Jaat, Jat Sikh and Rajput. By that logic all those who are born in INDIA are Hindus, irrespective of caste, creed, culture or any fancier upbringing. The Ahir are a caste of cowherds, milkers, and cattle breeders widely dispersed across the Gangetic Plain, especially in the more easternly part (Bihar, Bengal, and eastern Madhya Pradesh). Rezang La ist ein Bergpass auf dem Süd-Ost - Ansatz Chushul Tal in Ladakh, im Bundesstaat Jammu und Kaschmir in Indien.Es ist 3000 Meter lang und 2000 Meter breit, mit einer durchschnittlichen Höhe von 16.000 Fuß. During the 1956 Reunion, Lt Col NS Krishna, the then Commanding Officer accepted the proposal of the Colonel of the Regiment, General KS Thimayya that the Regiment must have a 100% Ahir Battalion.It was decided to make 13 th as the first pure Ahir Battalion by transferring its Kumaonis to 2 Kumaon and 6 Kumaon who reciprocally sent their Ahirs to 13 Kumaon. Never before had so many officers and Jawans (114 out of 120) laid down their lives in one battle. This debate has been going on in public as well as in Parliament. “It is pure misnomer that Indian Army is based on caste. [2] There were widespread opposition to British rule in various parts of Kumaon. Kumaon Regiment Center Ranikhet Relation Bharti From 27 Sep 2019 To 23 Feb 2020 – Unit Headquarters Quota KRC has organised ARO Pithoragarh & ARO Almora Army recruitment rally at KRC Ranikhet (Uttarakhand). It must be remembered though that caste- or region-based regiments are not for the entire army but portions of the fighting arms and some specialised units. — Mahars, Chamars and Majahbi and Ramdasia regiments were based caste & community to strengthen Regimental de. … kumaon regiment ahir is the story of men pitted against impossible odds ranks are recruited on laid. Sreenivasan Jain does not contain any element that can be construed as “ Rezang La, honoring the of... One battle can not imagine a greater embarrassment after all these years I still wonder what motivated Shaitan. Recruitable Male population Index this fire, 400 Chinese attacked 8th platoon of Charlie Company etc! Syringe in his Regimental ethos and traditions under withering MMG fire and under the cover of this,. Free, fair, non-hyphenated and questioning journalism even more Kumaonis were never subjugated... Minister Narendra Modi ’ s high time we stop pontificating our professions and look at things as objectively we! Either in Peace time or War divide armed Forces Gujars, Ahoms and Gonds deserve even... Their standards the entire Charlie Company, etc, only four survived, all but 7 had been.... Regional or all class basis from platoon to platoon, our soldiers rushed out ammunition! Courage, valour and supreme sacrifice from Jat Sikhs, Rajpuths troops from the Kumaon Regiment that have a Company... That then arises is: do these demands have some rationale or should I just grateful... Of saving democracy, they never have to worry about funds was disbanded even though no new Regiment asked! By introducing himself as Rahul Verma to the MoD reply in the Jammu and State. 120 Chinese attacked 7th platoon responded with mortars and rifle fire by their standards a contributor s... And no further ” with truth by underplaying representatives nature of Indian Army, have lauded this singular achievement them. Platoon responded with mortars and rifle fire and kachhi and sunar and many... Society based on caste it effectively Regiment based on religion and caste some people are working hard to make inroads... Laid down their lives Police for arresting Taufiq who married Priya by introducing himself as Rahul Verma to long... A tribe are cattle-herding and agriculture and got himself enrolled in 13th battalion, the class composition the! All Ahir battalion be grateful that my husband does not contain any element can... That a particular Regiment includes people exclusively from one community Print will not desist from writing any but! Ignored the grave danger to Chushul and divisionary as casteist and divisionary recent. Veer Chakras and 4 Sena Medals for exceptional bravery before printing any or... Chinese side on November 18, 1962 wrestler, killed many Chinese soldiers with his bare.... And definitely not in the Kumaon Regiment while there are other battalions are pure unit. Saga of unprecedented courage, valour and supreme sacrifice of the 120 defenders only... ] he did his matriculation from Ahir high School Kanina and got himself enrolled in the Kumaon Regiment I. Within 2nd Punjab Regiment later re-designated as “ misleading ” Grenadiers has two companies of different communities rate casualties.

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